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HENNING & HARVEY acknowledges its responsibility to maintain environmentally sustainable operations. We undertake to comply with national environmental policies and to minimize the impact of our projects on both the immediate and broader natural environments.
We prioritize compliance to Health and Safety regulations throughout our company. Employee participation is paramount to our Health and Safety policy, and we provide the necessary training and incentives to actively encourage a culture of safe operations, with a “Safety First” Philosophy.
HENNING & HARVEY 's initiative is to ensure sustainable social development in the communities affected by our operations. Our core social development strategy is to transfer lifelong skills through the employment of local communities on our project sites.

Registrations & Compliance

The company is committed to ensure it’s compliance to all necessary regulations.
  • VAT Registration No: 4940274568
  • Tax Clearance Certificate No: 0700/2/2016/A000069597
  • BBBEE Level 4 Verification Certificate No: AAA/EME/3680rev0
  • Compensation For Occupational Injuries And Diseases Act: Letter of Good Standing